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dijous, de desembre 02, 2004

Spain vs. Catalunya

Took a while me to do this second assiqment, but finally I have asked 3 persons that how they feel about themself - catalan or is what I found out:

1) My dance teacher: 28 years old man, born in Andorra, has seen the world, he consider him as a Catalan but he don´t mind if somebody says he is from Spain. Still he want everybody to know that it´s different thing to live in Catalunya than in Spain because lot of people in the Europe don´t know the difference between them. He didn´t mind if the Catalunya would come independent, it doesn´t really matter for him. Like the way it is now it´s good enough.

2) The receptionist in the dance studio: 26 years old woman, born in South of Spain, her mother is from south of Spain so she knows the difference between south and Catalan people. She thinks that Catalunya doesn´t have to be independent that Catalunya is still part of Spain. She likes to live here in Catalunya rather than south of Spain.

3) The salesman in our supermercat: under 30 years old man, born in Catalunia, thinks that Catalunya should be independent, because different language and cultur. Catalunya has their own goverment so he thinks that people in Catalunya knows what is best for them not the people from middle of Spain or somewhere else.

First these people were really suprised that why I´m asking thse questions but when I told them that this is our school assiqment they understood. It was fun doing this assiqment. Why didn´t I do it more earlier...?!

Now I have to start doing the reasearh again.
Hasta luego!