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divendres, d’octubre 15, 2004

Siesta and other things in my mind

Now I really understand why people here in Spain are taking a siesta for every day. I have noticed that just beeing in the class like few hours and you get so damn tired. My eyes don´t really stay open and that is not because I have been in a bar or just slept too little. It just because of the air. Also ofcourse for me it is more harder because I have not experienced before and cause of the pollution. Maybe it´s because all of those things but still I think because lots of places are open so late it´s good to have the siesta and I understand that even I really don´t always like it cause for example I´m coming from the school around 2 o´clock so there is no stores open that I would like to visit and that sucks.

Another thing was that I have seen so many cars parked so strange places and many people use the all of flickers just to put the car where ever they want whenever they want. And in every car of this city has dents or scratches in their cars. Also the car´s are parked usually so near to another car that you can really go out from the "hole".

And everywhere there are scooters. One man said to us that everybody has their own scooter in the Barcelona. I can believe that one because if I would live here longer I would buy a scooter also not car because with scooter is easier to moove and maybe faster also in the city. And I would not like to have so much dents and scratches to my new fine car.

Maybe because of the scooters there is no bicycles on the street. Yeah, I have seen a few but not much. And that´s bothering me because I hate the pollution so it would be more fresh the air if here would be more bicycles than scooters or cars. I really don´t know why here people don´t use bikes? In our hometown in Finland we use lots of bikes and maybe because we have so good bikeroads and even in winter time when there is lots of snow we use bikes...can you imagine that...really...every morning they clean the roads from snow that it is easier to ride with the bike.

That´s about it for today....or this I go home to eat something and then I´m gonna have my "late night" siesta. After that may go to some (cava) bar with other finnish students or maybe we stay inside and watch our "new" television that we got yesterday. I want to learn more spanish and it is good and easy way to do it. Ofcourse we save money also if we just stay inside and watch tv and don´t go out to spend money for those expencive clubs.

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dimecres, d’octubre 06, 2004


I have heard a lot about this university and Barcelona from those Erasmus students who was here in last autumn. That´s why I have been expected and repaired those things. Still there is some things that I´m very supprised. Like;I had heard that it would smell all the time bad in the city but I don´t smell anything (maybe sometimes). And I thought the streets would be more dirtier but they are not.The weather it is all the time hot and down in the metro stations there is sometimes SO extremely hot. For a finish student it´s weird to go to school when it´s so hot. Like in a class I get very tired because there is not enough oxygen or fresh air. If you open the window it does not help. In Finland it would help.The title of my mail is one thing also that supprise me. When the Catalonian people answers their phone they say Diga! and that sounds like very rude. Still I think the Catalonian people are friendly and they actually try to speak english. I like that. When the time goes by I really would like them to talk me only spanish so that I could learn more. Yet now I don´t know much spanish so I could not understand a lot.The university building is so nice because it´s old and all the towers and the decoration. There is this gard how is showing the way when you first walk to the yard. That´s funny. Also it is funny to have a turtles in the school in that little "park" in the middle of the school.

Wild things

The words I hear everyday....hola, que tal, perdona, aqui, gracias, de nada, adios...Nice words.
Nice to hear them all the time. In Finland we don´t have small talk so much we really don´t use a lot thanks (kiitos) or perdona (anteeksi) words. We use it but not so often than here. Sometimes I just hate when english people ask how you doing and actually you have a bad day but still you have to smile and say...I fine thanks, what about you? ... That´s shit. Here in Barcelona it´s little bit different they might ask ¿Que tal? but they really don´t wanna hear the answer. =) That is even more strange than the english way.

At the first time yesterday I drinked the Sangria in here Barcelona. I have drinked that before a few times in Germany. We bought it from some store and the taste was so awful. Yesterday we were in a bar (black sheep- great bar by the way=) and we drank Sangria and it was very sweet like juice. I don´t think there was not much alcohol in it but I liked it a lot.

Thuesday we had the very first sport & games class. It was adventure. I would say. Wild and loud experience. So much different than in Finland. There were like 30 people in the class and most of them were boys. I think only 6 girls and then us five erasmus students. Everybody was staring us and talking only catalan. Yeah, that was nice=) You can imagine. =) After I while som of the catalonian girls started to transelate the catalan games to us in english. We could understand something but still we learned the games just waching and beeing part of the group.
In some point a though that I´m like in a zoo or in a football game because of the boys were so loud and so excited about those children games. But we were too. Still it was not the same.
What was very strange to me was how the boys were behaving to each other. They didn´t feel shame to be close to another boy. They were holding hands like they have done it many times before. And that is the difference if you compare in Finland. You can´t see boys holding hands just for fun except if you are a gay or if you are really drunk.
Yet I liked to be there in that class and I will go there again. I hope I can learn more spanish or catalan and get to know more local people and how they are behaving in different kinds of situations. For me it was exciting and I love sport so I really look forward going there again.

And then there is this smoking and drinking things. You can smoke nearly everywhere and if there is a note on the wall that "you can´t smoke here" still many people do it and nobody cares. And if you order a drink outside of the bar or restaurant it costs more money. That is little bit strange.